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 Eminent Domain
 Inverse Condemnation
 Quick Take Rule
 Just Compensation
 Federal Rule
 State Rule

Our Federal and State constitutions allow the Government and some private companies to take an individual’s property when it is deemed to be in the interest of the public.  These same laws require that the when property is taken the landowner is paid “Just Compensation” for what it taken. 

In Louisiana, the taking of real estate is referred to as an “Expropriation”.  Our State Constitution and State laws contain a myriad of rules and regulations regarding how the expropriation process is accomplished and how just compensation is determined.  

For some takings, like certain flood control projects, the measure of just compensation is based on rules established under U.S. Law while takings for other purposes are subject to Louisiana's own unique rules.

The number of different rules and definitions associated with each of the various types of takings can make the valuation process confusing.  As a result, selecting an appraiser who understands the differing rules and regulations, and when they apply, is essential to building a sound case strategy.

Our litigation experts have provided real estate appraisals and expert witness testimony for a variety takings types including takings for Federal, State and Local roadways, Federal and State levees, public utilities ranging from electrical and communication transmission lines to underground pipelines, access rights, flowage easements and air rights.

Our appraisals have been relied upon by the taking authority and by landowners and our opinions have been cited by the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court as the basis for judgment.

If your property has been taken or if you just have questions about eminent domain or appraising for just compensation, please e-mail us at