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left Estates & Successions

The executor of an estate or person responsible for handling the business affairs of the deceased is usually a family member or friend.   Most executors have no formal training and rely upon the advice of an attorney and/or account.  These same professionals rely upon A.R.E. Real Estate Services' staff of appraisers to provide these highly specialized valuations and reports appropriate for use in settling an estate and that meet the requirements of the IRS and State agencies.

When the date of death is in the past, a
retroactive appraisal is required to establish the value of the real estate as of the date of death.  This value is typically serves as the basis for establishing a basis for the property and in various filing to satisfy the IRS and State revenue agency.  A current value may also be need to if the assets are to be sold or divided among the heirs.  

If you need an appraisal for estate or succession purposes you can count on us to act quickly and with sensitivity to the feelings of everyone involved.  As appraisal experts our staff has the training, knowledge and expertise to provide credible value opinions and appraisal reports that satisfy the requirements of the 
courts and other government agencies.

Having a A.R.E Real Estate Services provides the required appraisals give executor, attorney and account with the information necessary to make well informed decisions and confidence in a firm that will stand behind their work.